The recent show at Crockett’s Epperson Gallery co-curated by Kathy Kearns and Anna Noelle Rockwell was a great success! With 22 local artists exploring food-based themes in a variety of fun, exciting, provoking and fascinating ways in every medium from sculpture to video and combinations in between.

Kearns and Rockwell reported about $900 raised for charity at the event with a flourishing EAT MARKET held in conjunction with the traditional gallery exhibition. Together, the show played on the perception of food, the form it takes, how it functions, shapes society, the absurdness of it and the absolute beauty of the dining experience.

Kearns and Rockwell met earlier this year when Rockwell curated Kearns’ work into a previous exhibition at Epperson Gallery. Both interested in exploring food-based themes, the desire for a show like EAT grew organically. Of the relationship between art and food, Kearns says:

“Our dining experience is enhanced and our satisfaction more complete when food is presented in a thoughtful, artful way. Good restaurants know this, and many dining establishments commission potters to create pieces that compliment their culinary creations. There is nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than hearing from a customer that they reach first for one of my cups every morning for their coffee. It is an intimate connection that potters have with the people that use their work; putting a cup to the lips or cradling a bowl in the hands.”

Rockwell has relayed that they are hopeful for another EAT show planned for same time in 2017.

“Everyone seems on board and well tweak it, push it, love it even more!”

We hope to bring more information on another EAT show as one develops. We’d also like to thank everyone who came out to participate and donate and the artists for submitting their unique and beautiful work.

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