“Tips and Tricks for Sculpting and Carving in Clay”


2-Days Hands-on Workshop on February 23 and 24.
Saturday, February 23 – 10:00-4:00 pm
Sunday, February 24 – 10:00- 4:00 pm
1hr lunch break, Participants need to bring their own lunch.
Fee for the workshop:
$215. Payable via PayPal to gerald@eppersongallery.com, or send check to:
Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts, 1400 Pomona St., Crockett CA 94525
Participant can participate with “hands-on” or just watch and take notes.
Open to all levels of experience.
List of supplies and materials participants need to bring:
Favorite bag of clay
Favorite clay tools you like using
Artist Statement:
Lately I have been interested in replicating textures that look like wood in clay. I’ve been
experimenting with various carving and coloring techniques that will hopefully fool the
viewer into thinking the pieces are actually made of wood. I like the old weather tree look
and driftwood surfaces and have been trying to mimic them in clay. I use underglazes and
multiple firings to achieve the look.
I was born and raised in California, with roots in Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and
England, and raised in the Santa Clara Valley.
My obsession with clay started in high school. I enrolled in art classes when I was a
sophomore and as soon as I touched that gooey malleable earth, I knew immediately that I
wanted to play with clay from then on. So I took ceramics classes throughout my Sunnyvale
High School days, and learned as much as I could through classes and extra-curricular
activities such as workshops and seminars. Upon graduation, I enrolled at SJSU, where I
concentrated my studies in ceramics under James Lovera, Robert Fritz and Herbert Sanders,
with some influences thrown in by David Middlebrook. I also joined some of my friends in a
studio which we shared off campus for a few years. We built our own kilns and made items   
to sell in the local art fairs. I also worked in a local ceramic supply shop building kilns for
several years while at SJSU.
After graduating with a BA in Ceramics, I became a production potter for several years at
two Bay Area production pottery houses. I taught summer classes on production pottery
while I was working in the field, and an Adult Education ceramics class. The production
pottery was fun and educational, but I got more pleasure out of designing one-of-a-kind
pieces and exploring raku surfaces and organic looking textures. Which leads me to where I
am today, continually experimenting with new ideas, shapes, textures and surfaces, expressing
my unusual perspective in ceramics.
Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts, 1400 Pomona St., Crockett CA 94525
Contact: Gerald Epperson – gerald@eppersongallery.com.