About Our Gallery

Founded in 1996 by Gerald and Joanne Epperson, the Epperson Gallery is host to a wide range of exhibitions, many with a focus on Northern California artists and regional history.

The Epperson Gallery hosts a variety of well-known Artists exhibitions, workshops, and events. Proudly supporting our community and surrounding areas by engaging in local events, donating, and raising awareness.

Located in the former Nash Car Dealership in historic downtown Crockett, California, the building is home to the Gallery, seven artists’ studios and four businesses, including Sugar City Tattoo.

“A spacious jewel of a gallery in the portside city of Crockett, famous for the huge C&H sugar plant – still operational. An enclave of artists and poets, the town is a blast from the past (excuse the expression). It seems to me Epperson is the heart of it.”
Frances Jackson

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