2-Day Hands-on Workshop on January 11-12th Saturday, January 11th   10am 4pm Sunday, January 12th  10am to 4pm 1hr lunch break, Participants need to bring their own lunch.   Fee for the workshop: $200 Payable via PayPal to gerald@eppersongallery.com, or send check to: Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts, 1400 Pomona St., Crockett CA 94525   Description: This workshop is open to all levels and all are welcome to participate. This workshop is designed both for folks who love to push limits and take risks and those who want to learn how to push and take risks. There are no limits, no rules in working with clay, it’s all about fun, all about the process! I’ll show you how to create unique texture using traditional, conventional and unconventional methods—we’ll step into the “what if” zone often. We’ll use found objects that I bring in along with any you care to bring in (encouraged but not necessary) as well as objects we find in and around the studio. We’ll press things in wet clay and stretch those impressions as we watch unpredictable images emerge and bring the clay to life. We will be using colored slips and unusual additives to enhance your hand building experience. I’ll guide you through form making, using clay that has been set up in various stages and I’ll offer tips on how to use gravity in your favor. Bags of clay will be available for $20. The clay is “Petes” from East Bay Clay, it’s what I use and recommend for what we’ll be doing but it’s a-ok if you want to bring your own, however I do recommend a groggy clay. List of supplies needed: Favorite found objects for texturing (not required) Favorite clay tools, (there will be some tools available for those who are new to clay). Your lunch Artist Statement: I work with an energy that is mysterious to me. One that we all experience, one that is unique and personal to each of us. I like to direct mine in ways that excite me, like working with clay. When I abandon pre-conceived notions and welcome mystery into my work, exciting things happen. Working with clay offers me the experience of mystery, a knowledge of the existence of something that we cannot penetrate. I am not so interested in why my energy translates the way that it does or what it means. I am more interested in working to simply discover it. Bio: Monique Rutherford is a ceramic sculptor who pushes surface extremes and explores form, bringing unique and timeless narratives to her work. Her work is largely influenced by the dynamic environment of northern California and her fascination with ancient and obscure culture. She describes herself as working within a mythical, musical landscape of thought that drives her to explore boundaries and push the limits of clay. Monique’s past work is articulated through photography, found objects, steel, wood, and paper mâché. She is often found volunteering with children and young adults, bringing art to her local college and both the public and private school sectors. Her work is currently represented by the Cavin-Morris Gallery in NYC and is shown internationally. She has been in several juried shows, a variety of galleries and has won numerous awards throughout her career.
Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts, 1400 Pomona St., Crockett CA 94525
Contact: Gerald Epperson – gerald@eppersongallery.com – www/eppersongallery.com

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