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Jeff Downing
Animal Logic: Expressive Animals and Narrative Sculpture June 17th & 18th, 2023, 10 am to 4pm

Workshop description: Jeff Downing will discuss inspiring approaches to making thought-provoking animal narrative sculptures using leather-hard pressed slabs combined with sections of moist clay. The emphasis will be on working at a quick pace to create exciting forms that come to life with lots of personality and character. Through demonstrations and example images, students will be motivated to create their own animal stories using a variety of Jeffʼs unique hand-buildingtechniques. Working from memory, drawings, or photos, students will be encouraged to imagine a variety of scenarios that feature dogs and/or other animals. Students will learn how to make interesting bases, colorful backgrounds and extraordinary environments that beckon curiosity and wonder. Students will gain an understating of how to use colored slips and underglazes ap- plied in layers to achieve intriguing and painterly surfaces on their clay work. Concept, composition, form, technical solutions, fundamental glaze chemistry and kiln functions will be covered throughout the workshop.

Each student will receive a 25 lb bag of clay, bisque firing is included.
$275. Payable via Check or Credit Card

Contact: Suzanne M Long. suzannelong@eppersongallery.com.

ClayLAB and ClayLAB@Night, Ongoing Handbuilding Workshops

Instructor: Suzanne M Long.

Description: ClayLAB and ClayLAB@Night are open to all skill levels. The instruction will be individualized and tailored to each student's skill and comfort level. There will be ongoing demos in hand building, surface techniques and glazing . Each student will receive a 25 lb bag of clay. Glazes and firing are included.

Schedule: Every Thursday from 11am to 3pm. This is an Ongoing Handbuilding Workshop. Join anytime!
Pricing: $250 for five sessions. Payable via Check or Credit Card.
To Register Contact: Suzanne M Long.

Schedule: Every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. This is an Ongoing Handbuilding Workshop. Join anytime!
Pricing: $250 for six sessions. Payable via Check or Credit Card.
To Register Contact: Suzanne M Long.

Paperclay: Beyond Basics Workshop

Instructor: Michele Collier

Workshop: May 20 and 21, 2023, 10am - 4pm, 2023, 10am - 4pmThis clay invites you to have fun. We will be learning how to manipulate slippery clay slabs. As if by magic, the clay will rise with no visible means of support. I will cover how to make expressive hands and faces and by the end of class, it will all come together with formulas and examples for my best non-glaze finishes.We will start with the basics and then I will share the secrets of “building” a female torso that steps away from the ordinary. With paperclay, there is so much opportunity for the “accident” which I have come to see as our own artist’s spirit expressing itself. With clay slabs anything can happen. This is real clay. It will fire to cone 10 if needed (but I like cone 5)Paper clay can be twisted, folded, squeezed and torn to mimic the human form. Because of the wicking properties that come from the paper additives in the clay, the slabs will adhere to each other without scoring ...amazing. You will even be able to join wet to dry. ..unheard of! We are going to break some rules...and learn some new ones.

What to bring to class: Board 12 x 12 you will be able to bring your piece home on this…bring foam or bubble-wrap to protect in transi

OPTIONAL: Small Pastry Cone, Non glaze Surface treatments Go to my website…you can print these pages for your reference. https://www.burningclay.com/non-glaze-finishes

Each student will receive a 25 lb bag of clay, bisque firing is included. 

Pricing: $275. Payable via Check or Credit Card 

To Register Contact: Suzanne M Long. suzannelong@eppersongallery.com

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Covid Safety Protocols:
All Workshop participants must be vaccinated,  in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.