Epperson Gallery
Epperson Gallery

Textures and Templates Workshop
Lynn Wood

Description: Two-day workshop. Come handbuild with the pottery texture queen. Participants will warm up by making a few small plates of different styles and then incorporating Lynn╩╝s texture mats into their work. As the workshop progresses, participants will move to other forms: cups, vases, pitchers and boxes. Lynn will discuss altering templates and how to design original templates. Come prepared to explore, play, make new things and have a lot of fun! Potters of all skill levels are welcome. Each student will receive a 25 lb bag of clay. Glazes and firing are included.

Schedule: May 21 and May 22, 2022.  10am to 4pm.

Pricing: $250 payable via PayPal to gerald@eppersongallery.com.
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Contact: Suzanne M Long. suzannelong@eppersongallery.com