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Epperson Gallery

Spontaneous Clay: An introduction to Paperclay
Michele Collier

Description: Two-day workshop. The key word here is Spontaneous! We will be learning how to manipulate slippery clay slabs. As if by magic, the clay will rise with no visible means of support.. I will cover how to make expressive hands and faces and by the end of class, it will all come together. There is so much opportunity for the “accident” which I have come to see as our own artistʼs spirit expressing itself.

With clay slabs anything can happen. This is real clay. It will fire to cone 10 if needed (but I like cone 5) Paper clay can be twisted, folded, squeezed and torn to mimic the human form. Because of the wicking properties that come from the paper additives in the clay, the slabs will adhere to each other without scoring... amazing. You will even be able to join wet to dry... unheard of! We are going to break some rules... and learn some new ones.

Surface treatments will be discussed and recipe sheets provided. Each student will receive a 25 lb bag of clay. Glazes and firing are included.

Schedule: May 28 and 29, 2022. 10 am to 4pm.

Pricing: $250 payable via PayPal to gerald@eppersongallery.com.
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Contact: Suzanne M Long. suzannelong@eppersongallery.com