Epperson Gallery
Epperson Gallery

Wheel Throwing Workshop
Instructor: Katie Gibbs​

Description: Six-week workshop, open to all skill levels. Come satisfy your curiosity
about clay! This six-week course is designed for all skill levels, from those who have never touched clay to intermediate/advanced. The class will focus on basic skills
of throwing forms on the pottersʼ wheel. You will learn how to finish and glaze your pots, as well as how work is fired into its final form using an electric kiln. There will be a mixture of demonstrations and tailored instruction for each student. Come get your hands dirty and learn about the rewards of making functional items from the earth. Each student receives a 25 lbs bag of cone 5 clay per course. Glazes and firing fees are included.

Schedule: October 6th- November 10th, 2022. Thursdays from 6pm to 9--pm.

Pricing: $275 payable via Check or Credit Card 
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Contact: Suzanne M Long. suzannelong@eppersongallery.com