Epperson Gallery
Epperson Gallery

Clay Unleashed: Fantastical Creatures
May 18 and 19, 10-4pm both days
Natasha Dikareva will guide participants through the creation of
fantastical beings, merging mythological, contemporary, and
imaginative elements into sculptural ceramic pieces. First day will
begin with a slide presentation and the hands-on demonstration of
various hand building techniques, including sculpting faces and hands.
Second day will delve into surface treatments where the ceramic
surface will transform into a canvas, utilizing slips, underglazes,
and the sgraffito technique to create vibrant, dynamic narratives.
Dikareva will collaborate with students to nurture their personal
iconography, symbols, and meaningful forms. This workshop aims to
enable participants, regardless of expertise, to produce clay
sculptures that reflect their unique journey and deepens their
comprehension of the clay medium. Participants are encouraged to bring
All levels of skill are warmly welcomed!

Price $285


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