Epperson Gallery
Epperson Gallery

Jeff Downing will discuss inspiring approaches to making thought-provoking animal narrative sculptures using leather-hard-pressed slabs combined with sections of moist clay. The emphasis will be on working at a quick pace to create exciting forms that come to life with lots of personality and character. Through demonstrations and example images, students will be motivated to create their own

animal stories using a variety of Jeff’s unique hand-building techniques. Working from memory, drawings, or photos, students will be encouraged to imagine a variety of scenarios that feature dogs and/or other animals. Students will learn how to make interesting bases, colorful backgrounds, and extraordinary environments that beckon curiosity and wonder. Students will gain an understating of how to use colored slips and underglazes applied in layers to achieve intriguing and painterly surfaces on their clay work. Concept, composition, form, technical solutions, fundamental glaze chemistry, and kiln functions will be covered throughout the workshop.  

Each student will receive a 25 lb bag of clay, bisque firing is included. 

´╗┐Pricing: $275. Payable via Check, Credit Card, or PayPal to Gerald@eppersongallery.com


Glacier by Jeff Downing
Jeff Downing
27 x 9 x 12 in.